Life in Campervan #1 2012-09-19 10:47:29

For this season 2012, Blacksheep, motorhome hire in France, decided to follow the adventures of Adeline and Sebastian. Two young Angevins who go to the conquest of Australia campervan for a year. Bravo to them for this adventure that starts and good trip!


SEB ‘:
“The van is more a lifestyle than just a vehicle.
When I imagine the life van I see objects disappear watch, telephone, television, mature … and it allows me to take the time to do things and enjoy what is before us. (Houla it may be a little too philosophical there!)
In short, I mean not to seek all knowledge, all follow, but just enjoy all understand what we have before us and to share with the person in front of us.
Then when I think van, I also think a vast landscape as we cross eyes wide open, and that the sun fell we ask in a quiet place, removal of the urban world.
I think some people understand that one of my favorite movies is Into The Wild;). ‘
AD ‘:
“Life in the van breaks daily. Indeed, bye-bye bed with comfortable mattresses, bye-bye kitchen with oven, fridge, … In short, we have to learn to live differently! But I know that this is a unique opportunity that presents itself, it will not make her difficult to live with a minimum of comfort.
Living in a van that is also able to move when you want. This is an opportunity to contemplate the scenery, discover places full. And you can not make a roadtrip without buying a van … It’s a bit like going to Britain without buying cakes or pancakes! ‘

Throughout our journey will certainly change these thoughts and clear. Following the adventure in “Life in van # 2.”

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